The Portfolio Committee on Facilitation of Energy Sector Policy, Legislation and Trade is primarily responsible for executing objective No. 2 of RERA on “Facilitation of Energy Sector Policy, Legislation and Trade”. Under this objective, the Portfolio Committee is tasked to:

“Enhance the increasing integration of energy systems and energy trade in the Southern African region and beyond through the facilitation of harmonized policy in Energy Sectors, legislation and regulations for cross-border trading, focusing on issues affecting the economic efficiency of energy interconnections and energy trade and on terms and conditions for access to transmission and distribution capacity, safety and cross-border tariffs.”

The Portfolio Committee on Energy Sector Policy, Legislation and Trade (PC-EPLT) executes it mandate through the following four (4) Specialised Subcommittees:

  1. Economic Regulation Subcommittee (ERS);
  2. Gas, Petroleum and Biofuels Regulation Subcommittee (GPBRS);
  3. Legal Subcommittee (LS); and
  4. Technical Regulation Subcommittee (TRS).