“To be a world class association that ensures a consistent and harmonised regulatory framework in the energy sector within the SADC region”

RERA endeavours to champion the cause of Energy Regulators in realising the vision. This commitment is captured in its Mission Statement:

“To facilitate harmonisation of regulatory policies, legislation, standards and practices and to be a platform for effective cooperation among energy regulators within the SADC region”


The following describe the Core Values of RERA:

Credibility: An organisation in good standing amongst its members and well respected and recognised by all stakeholders in the region and beyond;

Commitment: Members are committed to supporting and participating in all the activities of RERA to make it sustainable;

Openness: Sharing of information, skills and experiences amongst members in the spirit of effective cooperation;

Equity: Members recognise the different environments prevailing in the SADC countries and treat each other with fair-mindedness; and

Accountability and Transparency: A culture of good corporate governance is promoted within RERA and is practised by its Members and the Secretariat.