The main objective of the Gas, Petroleum and Biofuels Regulation Subcommittee (GPBRS) is to facilitate the development of regional petroleum and gas infrastructure and markets that are efficient, reliable, integrated, harmonised, sustainable and investment friendly for the benefit of the Region.

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee has the following general duties and responsibilities:

  1. Integration and Harmonisation:
    1. Review and recommend regulatory frameworks/guidelines/tools for the integration, harmonisation and sustainable development of regional petroleum and gas infrastructure and markets covering:
      1. licensing;
      2. tariff/pricing methodologies and structures;
      3. monitoring the transparency of market information and services, as well as the quality of supply and service to consumers;
      4. promoting non-discriminatory third-party access (TPA) to petroleum and gas infrastructure; and
      5. minimum standards (specifications).
    2. Contribute to the development of regional petroleum and gas infrastructure plans and strategies, and new investments needs.
  2. Capacity Development:
    Assess the needs and support the development of regional capacity building through:

      1. webinars;
      2. training sessions;
      3. exchange programmes;
      4. peer reviews; and
      5. workshops.
  3. Cooperation: Provide an effective network to foster cooperation, information exchange and assistance among Member Regulators through formal agreements, where applicable.

Main Initiatives in 2021:

Planned for implementation in 2021 include the following initiatives:

  1. Petroleum and Gas Status Review Report 2020;
  2. Carry out benchmarking exercises for petroleum and gas functions;
  3. Develop a standard KPI framework to improve regulatory compliance in the petroleum and gas sector in the region; and
  4. Identify key areas of common interest for capacity development.