The objective of the Human Resource Management Subcommittee is to examine and analyse the status of human capital interventions of RERA members with the view to identify commonalities, divergent practices, trends and other aspects that could hamper the effective utilization, and development of the energy sector at national and regional level.

Scope of Work:

The HRMS is mandated to:

  1. Analyse the consistency of HR practices between Member countries with regard to HR policies and procedures relating to human capital capacity building initiatives;
  2. Analyse and report on collective interests of Members on matters relating to capacity building;
  3. Implement Staff exchange programs between Member countries;
  4. Implement a data base of Training Service Providers;
  5. Coordinate implementation of Talent Management Strategies and review succession planning practices to ensure pipeline succession for key positions among Member States and RERA Secretariat;
  6. Exchange development initiatives targeted at exposing young school leavers to influence careers within the energy industry as a pipeline talent management focus;
  7. Investigate and compare practices in capacity building and remuneration among RERA Member States and RERA Secretariat;
  8. Ensure uniform Performance Management practices and recognition of Staff contribution in RERA activities;
  9. Make recommendation to the Portfolio Committee on Terms and Conditions of Service for Secretariat for approval; and
  10. Drive Training Needs Analysis with the objective of producing a report that guides training plans among Members.