The objective of the Technical Regulation Subcommittee is to promote where necessary the establishment and adoption of technical norms, codes and standards for the ESI across the SADC region, including (but not limited to) environmental and safety regulations.

Scope of Work:

The TRS shall:

  1. Review and recommend technical norms, codes and standards applicable across the ESI in the SADC region and compare them against international norms and trends;
  2. Investigate, compare and recommend applicable licensee reporting requirements among electricity regulators in the SADC region for different types of licenses;
  3. Investigate, compare and recommend practices in collection, collation, storage and management of technical information collected from licensees;
  4. Investigate and compare prevailing (and envisaged) practices for enforcement of technical norms and standards and make necessary recommendations;
  5. Analyse and compare the characteristics of existing and planned licensee reporting systems used by electricity regulators in the SADC region, with particular emphasis on any developments of electronic (web-based) reporting systems with built in data security and clearly defined levels of authority for access and use;
  6. Investigate the options, cost and implementation requirements for the introduction of technical norms, codes and standards and develop implementation proposals where appropriate, with due cognisance of the need for regional harmonisation;
  7. Cover the following common issues that include but not limited to:
    1. Quality of supply and service standards;
    2. Electrical safety codes
    3. Grid codes;
    4. Energy efficiency;
    5. Technical guidelines for minimum requirements for submissions, e.g. standard formats, hard-copy or electronic, accuracy, completeness to enable a process to streamline technical information from licensees to the regulator; and
    6. Technical guidelines for compliance monitoring license requirements from the technical perspective